Cork Flooring in Lakeland, FL from Williford Flooring Company Inc.

Cork Flooring: Comfort and Style Throughout Your Home

Here at Williford Flooring Company Inc., we've been transforming homes in the Lakeland, Sarasota, Bradenton, Plant City, Winter Haven, Boca Grande, and Fort Myers areas since 1946. Our experience has taught us that when it comes to finding the perfect flooring material, it's all about striking a balance between function and style. One material that consistently excels in both categories is cork flooring.

Kitchens: The Heart of Your Home Deserves the Best

The most popular place for cork flooring in the home is undoubtedly the kitchen. Why? Let's look at the reasons:

  • Comfort Underfoot: Cooking and entertaining means you'll often be standing for extended periods. Cork flooring's natural cushion ensures you won't end up with sore feet and an aching back.
  • Easy Maintenance: Kitchens see spills and messes; cork is naturally resistant to moisture and easy to wipe clean.
  • Warmth & Style: Cork adds a natural warmth to a kitchen and its range of colors and patterns lets you choose the look that perfectly fits your style.

But Wait, There's More!

Cork's advantages aren't limited to just the kitchen. Here are some other areas where cork flooring really shines:

  • Bedrooms: Create a cozy, comfortable space underfoot that also helps dampen noise for a better night's sleep.
  • Living Rooms: Cork's resilience and warmth create an inviting area to relax and gather with family and friends.
  • Home Offices: Promote focus and reduce fatigue with the comfort and sound-dampening qualities of cork.

Williford Flooring: Your Cork Flooring Experts

Intrigued by the possibilities of cork flooring? Stop by our Lakeland showroom and let our flooring experts walk you through the incredible options and benefits of cork. Whether you want classic beauty or a modern twist, we have the cork flooring styles to bring your dream home to life.

Let us help you make cork flooring the foundation of comfort and style throughout your home!