Flooring installation


The joy of a professional flooring installation

When you're ready for professional flooring installation, it's essential to know a few things about the process so you can be completely prepared. For installation, the knowledge that professional installation can help alleviate the worry of a voided warranty is an excellent place to start. But there’s even more.

An excellent installation can make your floors look amazing, function exactly as they should, and reach their intended lifespan with ease. The functionality can be enjoyed for years to come, no matter which material you’ve chosen. Let’s find out what else you can expect with this process.

Installation of all your favorite flooring options

Various materials require various installation procedures, and these can all vary in project length. Engineered hardwood installation, for instance, is a quicker process than what is necessary for the solid flooring option. LVT flooring installation is a quick and easy installation that will leave you ready to talk on your floors as soon as the installation process is finished. Our associates will take the time to tell you everything you need to know and what to expect during your flooring installation. We will discuss moving furniture, trinkets, knickknacks, and wall art, as well as when and how your old flooring should be removed and disposed of, especially if there are large amounts of it. And we’ll be happy to discuss after care options and the best practices for keeping your floors looking great for years into the future.



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Let us help with your Lakeland flooring installation

There is great peace of mind in knowing that your installation team has plenty of training and years of experience, long before they ever take on your flooring project. If anything comes up during the process, they will know how to cope with the situation and move right along once it’s done. What’s more, we will make sure you know what’s going on every step of the way, from start to finish.

When you choose Williford Flooring Company for your flooring installation, you’ll get the benefit of our in-house installation team. We only use our materials, and never any outside materials, for installation you'll be more than satisfied with, no matter which material you've chosen. From our Lakeland, Florida showroom, we proudly serve the areas of Lakeland, FL, Sarasota, FL, Bradenton, FL, Plant City, FL, Winter Haven, FL, Boca Grande, FL, and Fort Myers, FL. If you need a great hardwood floor installation, we look forward to serving your needs today.